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Our approach is influenced by striking the balance between creative design and understanding and delivering the goals of our clients and their stakeholders. By listening intently to their needs and understanding their organisations, we are able to add value, as well as architectural inspiration, to our client’s aspirations. As well as creating great spaces we are also passionate about creating places that enhance the quality of life whether it’s through working, living, learning or playing.


When masterplanning we are driven to create sustainable spaces that enrich the experience of the outdoor environment. However, there is much more to it than designing exceptional spaces between buildings. It requires an awareness of many other factors that are not always complementary; contextual, social, environmental and economic. It starts with a visionary approach and results in a framework for making places.

Research and Development

Seymour Architecture have continued investment in research and development aligning ourselves with the latest approaches, with an in depth knowledge and understanding of how aspects of built environment, internal environment quality and working methods.

Our research and development influences a holistic design approach across all sectors , which is centred on human factors, responding to both the physical and psychological needs of client, stakeholder and user.

The effect that buildings have on the wellbeing of occupants is of particularly interested. Beginning with collaboration between professionals working within the field of Environmental Psychology and those that design it, wellbeing is now at forefront of the design process and recognises the relationship and interplay between users and the built environments they inhabit.

As members of the British Council for Offices (BCO) we always strive to keep abreast of developing movements that influence design and delivery. With the movement for greater wellbeing and productivity key driving forces behind the transformation of working practices to become more agile and flexible with more space for creativity and collaboration.


Workplace is in transition.  Advancement of technology and the recent global pandemic has resulted in fundamental changes to our working culture. Workplace design is evolving so that it becomes an enabler, creating a variety of work settings that bring out the best in organisation’s greatest assets – people. Working environments have a major impact upon the wellbeing and therefore the productivity of occupants. As businesses react to the differing needs of their employees, their customers and the implications these changes have, we are perfectly placed to understand these impacts and how they need to be addressed and delivered to transform business premises.

We work collaboratively with clients to form a clear, detailed brief by building an insight into the way they interact with their surroundings. Developing an understanding of how they inhabit their buildings; the physical and emotional relationships between people and place; the business drivers that need to be considered, how the values or ethos of the company need to be represented through the building interior. Harnessing true value through holist and intelligent design,  to deliver flexible, functional workplaces with the ability to adapt to future needs and trends.


Our education portfolio includes a diverse mix of projects reflecting the nature and variety of the education sector. Experience includes; student residential accommodation, SEND Hub as well as teaching facilities which focus on collaborative, immersive and digital environments to underpin the pedagogy of the T Level programmes.

Our honed expertise ranges from refurbishment and repurposing of existing estates to inclusion of new build with a focus on an experience driven environments, to deliver the highest quality teaching facilities for staff and students.


We are members of the British Council for Offices (BCO) and we always strive to keep abreast of developing movements that influence design and delivery across all sectors. The effect that buildings have on the wellbeing of occupants and BIM are two areas that we are particularly interested in. This R&D is influencing our holistic design approach for workplace design, which is centred on human factors, responding to both the physical and psychological with a focus on business needs and productivity.


Our practice is our people. Our main studio is based in what was the first fire station in Morpeth, now fitted out to practice what we preach; agile workspaces set up to create the most conducive atmosphere. Located in one of Morpeth’s quiet lanes in the heart of the market town, on the East Coast main line and the A1.

Our office in Middlesbrough looks to achieve the same balance as part of the exciting Boho Zone; the digital, creative and business hub of the Tees Valley, benefiting from collaborative spaces, indoors and out, and in proximity of the rail and A66/A19 corridor.