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Two Centre Square

The brief for Two Centre Square with its 15m wide floor plates was for a building with a net internal area 30,000sqft that could be sub-divided into two distinct tenancies. However, the ‘L’ shaped plan allows for up to six smaller tenancies of 5,000sqft each. A two storey high atrium located at the junction of the two wings connects the entrance to the core facilities. One wing encloses the newly created public square and the other closes the vista down Watson Street from Corporation Road and provides a view of the scheme from one of the primary entrances into Middlesbrough town centre. Three storeys high, the building has a strong white brick frame, with curtain wall infill, forming the base or plinth that the two upper floors rest upon. Curtain walling extends from first floor to the roof parapet. The building is provided with its character by the fins that extend from the curtain wall mullions. The spacing and frequency of the fins increases with height. The fins are formed in a cladding material that embodies two iridescent colour pigments so that as the material is viewed from different angles, it changes colour. Both the plinth and the finned curtain walling form an uninterrupted wrap enveloping the whole building.


Ashall Projects (MB) Ltd






Completed July 2019